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Banglalink Prepaid Best Package or Voice or Call Rates or Talk Plans 10sec pulse Packages

Banglalink  "play" Package, Banglalink  "play"  Call rates, Banglalink  "play" Voice tariff, Banglalink  "ak  ek rate darun " Package,Banglalink  ahoban Package

ak rate 24 hr lagle # Ek Rate Darun
1fnf & Other operatore call rate kom #Ahoban
beshi fnf wala plan gulor obostha bhalo noi banglalink er ecce korle #play or main #Desh plan ta use korun...

Desh Ek Rate Darun
14 paisa/10 second(0.84tk/min) to any number, 24 hours

Migration: dial *999*1*146# (free).

Banglalink "Ahoban"
Banglalink to Other 60paisa/min+VAT [10paisa/10sec+VAT]
Banglalink to banglalink 1.20tk/min+VAT [20paisa/10sec+VAT]
1 Special fnf 25paisa
Migrate: Type "A" send to 9999
*all banglalink pre-paid customers (except e-voucher) can migrate to this package.
*customers will be able to change this package every 7 days.
* to set special fnf, dial: *166*7* banglalink number #.
*customers can change the special fnf once every 7 days. to
*change special fnf, dial: *166*8* old banglalink number * new banglalink number #.
* tariff for all banglalink number except the special fnf will be 20 paisa/10 sec, 24 hours.
* except for raater kotha, other special tariffs are not applicable in this package.
*these tariffs are not applicable for isd call & sms.
*vat applicable.

banglalink new plan "Play" full details
banglalink play is a package for the young guns. to keep you connected, the package offers 16 fnf to all operators, the best rate 4.17 paisa/10 sec to a special banglalink number and free facebook browsing. type "p" & send free sms to 9999 and start playing!

banglalink play highlights
  1. 16 fnf (any operator) with best fnf rates in the marke
  2. sms to fnf and special fnf number:29p/sms
  3. mms to all banglalink number: 29p/mms
  4. special sms pack-100 sms @ 99paisa/dayspecial data pack-5 MB @ tk. 2/day
  5. data pack gifting between members of this package

how can i enjoy this package?
ans: just type p and send sms to 9999 (free). you can also dial *999*1*147# (free).

what is the tariff plan of banglalink play?

ans: tariff plan:
tariff type:::: 12 am to 5 pm:::5 pm to 12 am
banglalink partner (super fnf) :::0.0417 ::: 0.0417
banglalink fnf ::: 0.0483 ::: 0.0483
banglalink non-fnf ::: 0.15 :::0.25
other operator fnf :::0.1 ::: 0.1
other operator non-fnf ::: 0.15::: 0.25
fnf and partner 0.29
other local sms 0.5
banglalink (incl. fnf and super fnf) ::: 0.29
other operator mms :: 5
fnf number 12 (from any operators)
super fnf no from banglalink 1

how many fnf and special fnf can i set?
ans: you can set 16 fnf of any operator and 01 banglalink special fnf.

how can i set fnf and special fnf?
ans: to add fnf type addnumber and send sms to 3300. to add special fnf *166*7*number#.

how can i enjoy free facebook browsing?
ans: from your handset’s default browser dial in case of using other proxy rendering browsers like opera or blackberry browser data charge will be applicable. in case of viewing any rich content (photo, videos etc.) and in case of going to another website link from facebook data charges will apply.

how can i enjoy daily 100 sms at 99 paisa per day and daily 5 MB at tk. 2 per day?
ans: to subscriber for 100 sms at 99 paisa dial *222*8# and to subscriber 5 MB at tk. 2 dial *222*1*7#. to unsubscribe from sms pack dial *222*9# and *222*2*7# for internet pack.

how can i send internet pack gift to a friend? what is the charge?
ans: need to dial *132*15*number#. you can only send to another member of banglalink play package. you will be charged tk 2 (+vat) for this but your friend will not be charged anything.

can i enjoy other offers from this packge?
ans: to enjoy other special tariff (except raater kotha) and new sim recharge bonus you need to migrate to other package.
how frequently can i change this package?
ans: once every 7 days.

how frequently can i change fnf and special fnf?
ans: each fnf or special fnf can be changed once every 7 days.

how can i check remaining sms and data balance?
ans: to check sms balance dial *124*3#, to check data balance dial *222*3#.

Banglalink How to Add/Delete/Change/Check FNF Super FNF
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