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Grameenphone Daily 100% bonus offer! Talk More to get More!

Grameenphone brings a very attractive offer for all its Prepaid Customers! Under this offer, the valued GP prepaid customers can enjoy 100% instant bonus talktime everyday. Here customers will get a daily target on local voice call usage. After meeting the daily usage target, the customer will get 100% GP-GP instant talktime bonus on every additional taka voice call usage. Register by dialing *999*2# for free .Bonus is applicable for GP-GP calls only (above 60 paisa slot) Check bonus through dialing *566*8# for free.To know current usage dial *577*17 # for Free.

                                 Grameenphone Talk More to get More! Daily 100% bonus offer

  1. To avail the offer, first register by dialing *999*2# for free. Only one time registration is required for the full campaign period.
  2. This offer is applicable for all Grameenphone Prepaid Customers (except Flexiload connections).
  3. After registration, the customer needs to meet their daily target amount. After meeting the daily target, for each additional 1 Taka voice call usage, the customer will receive 100% GP-GP talktime bonus.
  4. Voice call is a local call made to any operator (GP-GP, GP-other operator, GP-Land Phone/GP-NWD). This is not applicable for International voice call, IVR call (e.g. 121,4000 ), Pay for Me, Voice SMS, Voice email, MyZone calls, calls made from any other bonus/ongoing campaign bonus/benefit amount, or any amount spent to buy any bundle benefits
  5. In order to know the daily target amount the customers need to check their SMS inbox for GP offer SMS.
  6. Once registered, the customers will become eligible for getting bonus after crossing their daily usage target for the whole campaign period.
  7. Bonus is applicable for GP-GP calls only (above 60 paisa slot) and validity for the bonus talktime will be up to the day of getting bonus (meaning 11.59 hrs on that day). If a customer enjoys another offer with bonus (in same bonus account), then the validity of that offer will be till 11:59 pm of the same day.
  8. Maximum bonus amount for a single call will be Tk 5.
  9. Customers will be able to check their bonus through dialing USSD (*566*8#) for free.
  10. To know current usage dial *577*17 # for Free.
  11. This offer is applicable for customers who have activated their connection by August 2013 and have usage/activity in August 2013.
  12. Subscriber of ‘Nischinto’ Product will not be able to use their existing cash back offer during campaign duration if they register for this campaign.
  13. Offer is applicable for local voice calls between 1am till 11:59pm each day.
  14. Offer is not applicable for the calls made in one day and ending the call the next day (e.g. a call starts from 11.59pm and ends at 12.01am).
  15. Offer will be valid from 7th November to 30th December, 2013.
  16. 15% VAT applies on all charges.
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