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Telatalk 3G Wifi Routers, MiFi and Pocket Router under Flash Brand! Make your room WiFi Zone and connect with 10 devices!! Starting from 3600 Taka only! 10GB 3G Data free!

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Teletalk 3G Presents WiFi Routers! WiFi Routers Shares the internet from whers other WiFi
Devices like laptop,Smartphones can connect over their WiFi. So Its a great news for Teletalk 3G users!

Teletalk 3G is offering Two WiFi Routers
             One is  MiFi
   Other One is  Pocket Router 

Telatalk 3G MiFi and Pocket Router Packages

MiFi router price now 3600 Taka only till 28 February.After that price will be increased to 4000 Tk
Pocket Router price now 4500 Taka only till 28 February.After that price will be  5000 Tk

With every purchase  10GB Data Free with 30 days! customers will get it after sim activation.
Default speed is 512kbps.It can be upgraded upto 2Mbps!
To Grab This Great OFFER visit nearest Customer Care or Stores 

Power factor
MiFi needs to insert in USB connection 
Pocket Router contains battery.

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