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Jekono Mobile recharge korun mobile thekei

Mcash Mobile banking Islami bank bangladesh limited

Sob operator kora jai & Recharge korte barti kono fee nai
Islami bank bangladesh limited mobile banking "Islami Bank mCash” *259#
bortomane robi & airtel number dia mcash khola jai.
islami bank or normal retailer a gia account & cash in korte paren.

To open an account,one needs the following:
1 copy of passport size photograph & 1 copy of passport size nominee photograph.
& Photocopy of National ID Card / Nationality Certificate / Driving License / Passport

Transaction Fees & Service Charge:
Account Opening: Free
Foreign Remittance Deposit: Free
Receive Salary & Allowance: Free
Mobile Recharge (Top-Up): Free
Account Balance Check : Free
Receive Mini Statement : Free
Merchant Payment: Free
Cash In (Deposit): Free
Send Money (mCash to mCash): Tk. 4 per transaction
Send Money (IBBL A/C to mCash): Tk. 5 per transaction
Send Moeny (mCash to IBBL A/C) : Tk. 5 or 0.75% Tk. of transaction amount whichever is higher
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