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Offer End | Grameenphone Get Special Old Premium Numbers!

Some of us who are leaned towards a certain number or series of numbers which makes different from the rest.
Moreover at Valentine’s Day mostly every valentine presents special gift to one another to make the day very special.
To make the festival more enjoyable for customers and make them special with their preferred number series, GP is presenting special number at special price.


We are offering such numbers to our valued customers to obtain a special festival gift for their loved ones at an affordable price.
  • Under this campaign, any customers will be able to purchase Old premium number series, Category-A at BDT 29,999 (Actual price BDT 35000) and Category B at BDT 2000 from 18 own GPCs including GP House GPC.
  • Both Prepaid (GP Prepaid & djuice) & postpaid (Xplore & Business Solutions postpaid) numbers will be available for Old Premium Number series.
  • For Old Number series STAR customers will get 50%, 25% & 10% discount according to three (Platinum, Gold, Silver) tiers of STAR Program. In a year, STAR customer will get discount up to maximum four (04) numbers including his referral.
  • Also customer will be able to purchase Pair number series at BDT 1400 (Actual price BDT 6298, SIM kit price of each BDT 149 will be given at FOC), During this campaign Star discount will not be applicable for pair number.

Offered Price for Old Premium

 Old Premium Category A
Number Format 01711- 5PQXYZ or 01711- 7PQXYZ
Example 01711-524357 or 01711-564357 or 01711-724357
Market Price (BDT) Tk. 35,000
Discount price (BDT) Tk. 29,999

Old Premium Category B
Number Format 01711- PQS XYZ or 01711- PQ XX YY (P excludes digit 5 & 7)
Example 01711-624357 or 01711-824357
Market Price (BDT) Tk. 2,000


Offered Price for Pair Number

Number Format 017XY - 112233 or 017XY - 112244
Example 01789-11220001789-112200 or 01789-11221101789-112211
Market Price (BDT) 3149*2=6298
Discount price (BDT) Tk. 1400

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