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airtel 3G Internet Packages

airtel existing SIM card is ready to use 3G, so any airtel subscriber can use 3G anytime if he/she is under 3G coverage and activated 3G services .airtel 3G Internet Packages are follows


Activate airtel 3G  Type  START3G in SMS  and send to 5000

Dactivate airtel 3G   Type STOP3G in SMS and send to 5000

airtel 3G  USSD Menu  Dial *121*7# and IVR 1212 (free)

airtel 3G  Internet Packages   Speed 1Mbps
15MB 15Tk 2 Days Validity Dial *121*5001#
30MB 30Tk 7 Days Validity Dial *121*5002#
50MB 50Tk 7 Days Validity Dial *121*5003#
250MB 100Tk 7 Days Validity Dial *121*5011#
500MB 200Tk 15Days Validity Dial *121*5014#
1GB 350Tk 30Days Validity Dial *121*5020#
5GB 950Tk 30Days Validity Dial *121*5030#

Internet Data Balance Check
Prepaid dial *778*39#
Postpaid dial *121*70#

Internet Packages Has Auto Renewal  
  Stop auto-renewal Type 3goff and send to 5000

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airtel 3G Coverage Areas
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12GB bonus in 1GB pack!
*Buy 1GB pack in November 2013 and get 1GB bonus free. Then continue to buy 1GB pack every month for next 11 months to get 1GB bonus in every month.
*Customer will get notification on their bonus

airtel 3G Video Call
Tariff: BDT 0.1917/10 Second Pulse (tk1 /minute)
Pulse: 10 Second Pulse will apply

Pay As You Go:
It's basically the usages base default 3G internet pack which you can use anytime without subscription any particular 3G internet pack with a tariff rate 0.01Tk/KB,
• as much as you will use will be charged accordingly with this type of internet usages
• your daily usages limit for 3G Pay As You Go internet type is 10MB/ day; as soon as your daily usages limit reaches to 10MB your internet service will be barred and will be unbarred automatically next day
• you will receive notification at your 8MB 3G Pay As you Go usages as well as your 10MB usages
• to continue 3G internet usages further after Pay As You go blocking need to subscribe any 3G internet pack which will ensure your uninterrupted 3G internet usages with much lower cost

Internet Plan Info
*all pack prices above are excluding 15% VAT
*all above 3G internet packs are also available in USSD menu *121*7# and IVR 1212 (free), you can check and subscribe your preferred packs from there.
*all above 3G internet packs are both for prepaid and postpaid, for postpaid to avail 1GB 3G internet pack need to pay Tk. 350 refundable deposit, if you are a postpaid subscriber and want to activate 1GB 3G internet pack please visit any airtel customer care center.
*all above airtel 3G internet packs are with speed 1Mbps.
*all 3G internet packs are faciliated with auto-renewal feature, availing auto-renewal your remaining data volume will be forwarded with new pack.
* if you want to stop auto-renewal write in SMS and send to 5000; after expiry of your existing pack validity it will not be re-newed and if you don't subscribe any further 3G internet pack within the existing pack validity the remaining internet volume will be cleared out from account after validity expiry.
*4 times usages notifications will be provided at your 50%, 80%, 97% and 100% usages level of your current subscribed pack.
* if your 3G internet pack volume is consumed 100% before expiry of its validity you will be charged 10KB/ paisa for additional usages till the remaining pack validity, and after expiry of the pack valdity if you are not faciliated with auto-renewal your internet usages will fall in 'Pay As You Go' and will be charged 1 paisa/ KB.
*you may have both 2G and 3G internet pack simulteneously, your 2G pack will be used in 2G network and 3G pack will be used in 3G network, but if you have 3G internet pack only and want to use internet in 2G without 2G internet pack you will be charged a special reduced 2G Pay As you Go rate 10KB/paisa.

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