Banglalion WiMAX New Connection

Banglalion brings you the freedom of choice. Please choose any of our existing Postpaid and Prepaid plans to meet your Internet demand.  

Banglalion WiMAX-New-Connection-Prepaid-Postpaid-Package-Speed-Modem-Price
Modem Price
Prepaid 2499Taka,
Postpaid 1999Taka
Indoor Modem 7800Taka
*Indoor Modem built in with WiFi Router

Discount in new Postpaid Connetcion
Get total 100% discount on monthly fee when you purchase a new Postpaid connection.
- Discounts will be distributed equally in 3 months for all plans except 2 Mbps King/King Pro
- For 2 Mbps king and 2 Mbps King Pro discounts will be distributed equally in 6 months.

a.15% VAT is applicable after discount.
b. Discount amount will be posted into customers’ account within 48-72 hours after bill generation.
c. If the customer migrates to another plan then he will lose the discount benefit.
d. From 4th month and onward regular monthly fee will be applicable. For 2Mbps King/King Pro regular monthly fee will be applicable from 7th month.

Suggested Packages
Banglalion WiMAX Regular Internet Packages
Fair usage policy is applicable for unlimited  King and King Pro Package

  1. Customer will remain using Internet at throttling speed till the end of current bill cycle.
  2. Regular speed would be brought back once the new bill cycle starts.
  3. For users suspected of VoIP or any other illegal online activity according to the laws of the land, BCL might be forced to suspend the service of those users and/ or possibly close those accounts.
  4. Policy will remain affective for all the King/King Pro plans unless specified.
  5. Banglalion reserves the right to alter the FUP at their discretion.

- See more at:
Banglalion Careline 09611556677 or 01198989898

For Usage Details,Accounnt Information

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