Zoom Ultra Internet Packages

Ciltycell providing Zoom Ultra Internet Packages are follows



Plan Speed up to Monthly Subscription FeeRegular Usage LimitPromotional Usage LimitExtra Usage Fee
Ultra 1150 kbpsTk. 275800 MB1 GBTk. 0.001/KB
Ultra 2300 kbpsTk. 8001.5 GB3 GBTk. 0.001/KB
Ultra 3512 kbpsTk. 18001.5 GB2 GBTk. 0.001/KB
Ultra 4150 kbpsTk. 40(Daily)200 MBN/ATk. 0.001/KB
Ultra 5150 kbpsTk. 275Unlimited
N/ATk. 0.50/Min
Ultra 6150 kbpsTk. 4001.5 GB2 GBTk. 0.001/KB
Ultra 7300 kbpsTk. 500800 MB1.5 GBTk. 0.001/KB
Ultra 8300 kbpsTk. 425Unlimited
N/ATk. 0.50/Min
9:01am-12:59am (1 sec pulse applicable)
Ultra 9300 kbpsTk. 9005 GBN/ATk. 0.001/KB
Ultra 10512 kbpsTk. 10001 GBN/ATk. 0.001/KB

To activate Pre-paid ultra plan, type the desired Ultra plan name from your Ultra connection and SMS to 9666

Speed up toMonthly Subscription FeeRegular Usage LimitPromotional Usage LimitExtra Usage Fee
150 kbpsTk. 2751 GB1.5 GBTk. 0.0004/KB
Tk. 4502 GB3GBTk. 0.0002/KB
Tk. 6003 GB5GBTk. 0.0002/KB
Tk. 7005 GB7GBTk. 0.0002/KB
Tk. 1500*UnlimitedN/AN/A
300 kbpsTk. 6001 GB3 GBTk. 0.0005/KB
Tk. 8502 GB6 GBTk. 0.0005/KB
Tk. 9503 GB8 GBTk. 0.0002/KB
512 kbpsTk. 10001 GB4 GBTk. 0.0007/KB
Tk. 18002 GB8 GBTk. 0.0006/KB

To activate Post-paid ultra plan, contact the customer care centre.
*Fair Use Policy applicable

Promotional Usage Offer is available for new and existing Ultra customers

Offer is not available with any other promotional offer

Limited time offer

Customer will get the regular usage limit after the promotional period

Charge applicable for Ultra modem & connections only

Speeds refer to download speeds only

VAT applicable


PlanSpeed up toTariffUsage LimitExtra Usage FeeValidity
US1512 KbpsTk. 2015 MBTk. 0.001/KB1 Day
US2150 KbpsTk. 1515 MBTk. 0.001/KB1 Day

To activate Ultra Smart Pre-paid Plan, type the desired plan name (US1 for 512 kbps daily plan and US2 for 150 kbps daily plan) from your ultra connection and SMS to 9666.

Type ‘WAP’ and SMS to 9666 to browse internet from your handset

EVDO enabled device is required to enjoy 512 kbps plan

Speeds refer to download speed only

VAT applicable

Voice and Internet BUNDLE PLAN

Ultra Smart 1Ultra Smart 2
TariffTk 300Tk. 600
VoiceOn-net300 minutes600 minutes
Off-net300 minutes600 minutes
SMS: (On-net/Off-net)300 SMS600 SMS
Data1 GB@150 Kbps1 GB@300 Kbps

Change/de-activation of plan will be effective from the next bill cycle only

Speed refer to download speeds only

For additional usage
- Voice: Tk. 0.78/min to any local operator with 10 sec pulse.
- SMS: Tk. 0.50 to any local operator
- Ultra Smart 1 : Extra Usage Fee- Tk. 0.0004/KB
- Ultra Smart 2 : Extra Usage Fee- Tk. 0.0005/KB

VAT applicable

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