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airtel 3G Live Mobile TV is a mobile streaming application with premium Live TV, Loop and VOD content. This Mobile TV app has leading Bengali, Indian and International TV channels spanning all genres. Apart from TV channels, the content portfolio encompasses hundreds of popular videos and movies. User can also stream over WiFi after initially launching the app from airtel data network


SMS ‘Start<space>TV’ to 20304

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An Airtel mobile data connection is required to use Airtel Mobile TV service. Free viewing minutes without data charge is available based on subscribed pack.


Bangladeshi TV Channel - Banglavision, ATN Bangla, ATN News, Channel i, NTV, Masraanga TV,Somoy TV, Desh TV, Ekattor TV, Independent TV, RTV, My TV, Boishakhi TV


Indian TV Channel: Star Plus, Star Jalsa, Star Gold, Life OK, 9XM, E24, Music India, Sangeet Bangla, Ruposhi Bangla, Travel XP
Videos: Manchester United TV, Bollywood Masala
Religious Channel: MADINA Live, MEKKAH Live


Movie – Bangla - Raktelekha, Haar Jeet, Biyer Fool, Dadar Kirti, Tomar Rakte amar Shuhag
Movie – Hindi – Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, Khamoshi, Sarkar, Company, Khatta Meetha


pack offers1 day7 days30 days
all live channel pack(all local channels + all premium

& non-premium live channels)
730 free minutes30150 free minutes80500 free minutes
single channel pack –premium(any from live premium list)25 free minutes1050 free minutes40250 free minutes
single channel pack - non premium(any from live non-premium list)15 free minutes530 free minutes20135 free minutes
all local channel pack310 free minutes1550 free minutes50200 free minutes
video channel pack310 free minutes1550 free minutes50200 free minutes
movies20 (non-premium) /30(premium)free minutes as per movie duration

all packs are auto-renewal except movies which have 7 days validity for each movie


channels lists –

local live channels

channel namecontent typegenrelanguage
ATN Banglalivegecbangla
ATN Newslivenewsbangla
Channel ilivegecbangla
Maasranga TVlivegecbangla
Somoy TVlivenewsbangla
My TVliveentertainmentbangla
Independent TVlivenewsbangla
Boishakhi TVlivegecbangla

premium live channels

channel namecontent typegenrelanguagepack name
Man. Utd.livesportsenglishMan Utd Pack
Star PlusliveentertainmenthindiStar Plus Pack
Life OKliveentertainmenthindiLife OK Pack
Star JalsaliveentertainmentbanglaStar Jalsa Pack
Star GoldlivemovieshindiStar Gold Pack

non-premium live channels

channel namecontent typegenrelanguagepack name
E24liveinfotainmenthindiE24 Pack
ZOOMliveinfotainmenthindiZoom Pack
9XMlivemusichindi9XM Pack
Madina LivelivereligionarabicMadina Pack
Mekkah LivelivereligionarabicMekkah Pack

video channels

channel namecontent typegenrelanguage
People TVloopinfotainmentenglish
Joke TVloophumourenglish
Dance TVloopentertainmentenglish
Fitness TVloopsportsenglish
How toloopinfotainmentenglish
Cooking TVloopinfotainmentenglish
Fight TVloopsportsenglish
Redline TVloopsportsenglish
Cartoons Channelsloopkidsenglish
Xtrem Sportsloopsportsenglish
Shortfilms TVloopmoviesenglish
Travel TVloopinfotainmentenglish


ChoriChoriChupkeChupkehindinon-premiumBDT-207 days
SarkarhindipremiumBDT-307 days
CompanyhindipremiumBDT-307 days
Khamoshihindinon-premiumBDT-207 days
KhattaMeethahindinon-premiumBDT-207 days
BiyerPhoolbanglanon-premiumBDT-207 days
DadarKirtibanglanon-premiumBDT-207 days
HaarJeetbanglanon-premiumBDT-207 days
Raktelekhabanglanon-premiumBDT-207 days
TomarRakte Amar Suhagbanglanon-premiumBDT-207 days

activation & deactivation SMS keywords –

1 day7 day30 day
all channel packactivationStart ACDStart ACWStart ACM
deactivationStop ACDStop ACWStop ACM
all local channel packactivationStart LPDStart LPWStart LPM
deactivationStop LPDStop LPWStop LPM
9XMactivationStart 9XDStart 9XWStart 9XM
deactivationStop 9XDStop 9XWStop 9XM
Life OKactivationStart LODStart LOWStart LOM
deactivationStop LODStop LOWStop LOM
E24activationStart E2DStart E2WStart E2M
deactivationStop E2DStop E2WStop E2M
MadinaactivationStart MADStart MAWStart MAM
deactivationStop MADStop MAWStop MAM
Man UtdactivationStart MUDStart MUWStart MUM
deactivationStop MUDStop MUWStop MUM
MekkahactivationStart MEDStart MEWStart MEM
deactivationStop MEDStop MEWStop MEM
Star GoldactivationStart SGDStart SGWStart SGM
deactivationStop SGDStop SGWStop SGM
Star JalsaactivationStart SJDStart SJWStart SJM
deactivationStop SJDStop SJWStop SJM
Star PlusactivationStart SPDStart SPWStart SPM
deactivationStop SPDStop SPWStop SPM
Video packactivationStart VPDStart VPWStart VPM
deactivationStop VPDStop VPWStop VPM

activation & deactivation USSD codes –

layer - 1layer - 2menu structurelayer - 2menu structurelayer - 3menu structure
*234#*234*1#mobile TV linkto retrieve the mTV link
*234*2#all livechannel pack*234*21#monthly pack*234*211#activation
*234*22#weekly pack*234*221#activation
*234*23#daily pack*234*231#activation
*234*24#channel listchannel listsna
*234*3#all locallive channel

*234*31#monthly pack*234*311#activation
*234*32#weekly pack*234*321#activation
*234*33#daily pack*234*331#activation
*234*34#channel listchannel listsna
*234*4#videochannel pack*234*41#monthly pack*234*411#activation
*234*42#weekly pack*234*421#activation
*234*43#daily pack*234*431#activation
*234*44#channel listchannel listsna
*234*5#singlechannel pack
*234*51#channel listcode selectfrom listactivation
*234*6#singlechannel pack
*234*61#channel listcode selectfrom listactivation


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