Banglalion WiMAX Postpaid Reactivation Offer! 8GB at 400Tk with 1Mbps Speed! Purono sob bill maf!

Reactivate your connection with this amazing monthly plan!! Reactivate your Postpaid or Prepaid connection and enjoy this special plan for 3 months!




Who can take this plan?
1. Postpaid or Prepaid customers who were inactive since March 31, 2014 or before. (go to and check your plan expiration date)

1. You can enjoy this plan for three months.
2. After three months, you will be automatically go back to your previous plan.

PLAN: 1 Mbps-8 GB-Tk. 400 (incl. VAT)
DURATION OF THE OFFER: 3 months from the reactivation date
WHO CAN TAKE THIS PLAN? : Customer whose plan expiration date is March 31, 2014 or before


Conditions for Postpaid:

  1. All previous dues will be waived.

  2. After 3 months customer will be automatically migrate to his previous plan (opt-out).

  3. During offer period or after offer ends customer can migrate to any of our existing plan through proper migration request.

  4. Customer will not get any offer benefits if he migrates during offer time.

  5. Additional usage cost per MB is Tk.0.15 (+VAT)


Conditions for Prepaid:

  1. Prepaid customer must recharge Tk.399 card to get his plan. Bonus data will be posted on his account within 48 hours of card recharge.

  2. Not applicable for any recharge below Tk.399 card. Customer will only get respective data limit for below Tk.399 card recharge.

  3. Customer will be able to enjoy this plan 3 months from the reactivation date. He can recharge as many cards during this offer time (Tk.399) and get bonus data every time.

  4. After 3 months regular Prepaid data limit will be applicable for card recharge.


You can request through one of these options:

  1. Open a ticket: Open a ticket for reactivation request at

  2. Email: email or to request for reactivation. Customer must email from the email account that is stored in the system.

  3. Customer care center: customer can go to Customer care center and request for reactivation.

  4. Carline: customer can call BCL Careline (09611-556677 or 16313) to request for reactivation. Careline personnel will open a ticket on behalf of customer.

  5. Facebook: you can also send your request by providing your User id and phone number in our official Banglalion page.


Hurry up, this is a limited time offer!!!



Q. How long will it take to clear the past dues from the customer account?

A. it will take at least 24 working hours to waive past dues (if any) from customers’ account. Any request during holidays or weekends will be updated on next available working day.

Q. Can a customer email to request for package reactivation?

A. Yes, customer can email for package reactivation. However, customers’ email account must be the same that is stored in our system. While requesting from email, customer should provide his updated phone, package he wants to reactivate etc. inside the email body.

Q. What if my device is broken or lost?

A. Customer has to buy a new device at market price and then update his device information in his account.

Q. How does a customer know whether he is eligible for this offer?

A. if the customer plan expiration date is March 31st, 2014 or before then he is eligible for the offer. To check your expiration date visit and see the plan expiration date.

Q. How can a Prepaid customer get this plan through card recharge?

A. Prepaid customer needs to recharge at least Tk.399 card to get this offer. By default Prepaid customer gets 2.5 GB in their plan. System will give them additional 5.5 GB data on his account within 48 hours.

Q. Can I recharge multiple Tk.99/199 card to get this bonus data?

A. No you will not get any bonus data by recharging Tk.99/199 card. You will only get regular data limit and validity on these cards.
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