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Off-Net Video Call between Robi & Airtel

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Off-Net Video Call between Robi & Airtel

For the 1st time in Bangladesh, all Robi customers can enjoy 3.5G Video calls (both outgoing and incoming) with AIRTEL numbers.

Offer Details

Call Types
Robi - Robi
20 paisa/10 sec
Robi - Airtel
20 paisa/10 sec
Robi - all other Operators
Not allowed except Airtel
Robi - Robi
Airtel - Robi
Other Operators - Robi
Not allowed except Airtel

- All Robi Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can avail the service
- 15% VAT applicable in all charges
- Basic Info for Video Call:
          > Both subscribers need to have video call enabled handset.
          > Both handsets need to be activated for 3.5G service (handset settings).
          > Both connections have to be registered in 3.5G service (for opt-in 3.5G Robi Network: dial *666*1#).
          > Both subscribers should be under respective 3.5G network coverage.
          > Subscribers need to have enough balance to make video calls, like any other services.
          > Both handsets need to have enough battery power (example: Samsung Note 3 does not allow video call if battery power level is 15% or less).
          > Video call does not consume any data (Bundle or PPU).

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