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Ollo Monthly Mega Packages & more attractive price

ollo data plan
ollo data plan

Ollo Wireless internet introduces a superb new offer for you all with Monthly Mega Packages & more attractive price. Now you have three new packages (Starter, Rusher & Ruler) to choose your preferred one. We’ve brought these competitive tariff plans in the market in terms of high speed with cheaper price & Monthly Mega Packages.
So, what are you waiting for?? Choose your desire plans & have the real experience of our new plans:
Weekly Package

0.5 GB
BDT 99
7 Days
1 GB
BDT 200
3 GB
BDT 400

Monthly Package

2.5 GB
BDT 350
30 Days
3.5 GB
BDT 500
12 GB
BDT 1350
*Starter & Rusher speed up to 2 Mbps
** If your volume expires before validity, you can still get connected to the network with reduced speed of 64 kbps, till validity period. To avail this benefit, you need to top-up within 5-days after validity expiration of your current plan.

Monthly Mega Package

512 Kbps
BDT 1500
1 Mbps
BDT 2500
2 Mbps
BDT 4800

*Fair Usage policy is applicable for all Ruler plans
Why Starter, Rusher, Ruler ??
Starter Plans can be suitable for those users who are not a heavy internet user, use internet only for browsing net & checking mails on a casual basis. They can experience amazing high speed with their desire plans. And still can be connected after volume expired with 64 kbps speed. (Conditions apply**)
Rusher Plans are designed for those users who use internet on a regular basis like - surfing, downloading, video chatting for the whole month. And still they can be connected with 64 kbps speed after volume expired. (Conditions apply**)
Ollo introduces a brand new Monthly Mega Packages called “Ruler”.
Ruler plans can be suitable for those users who are a heavy internet users mainly use for downloading video/movie, uploading, video chatting, browsing etc. With Monthly volumes they will experience good quality of high speed.
Offer is valid till further notice.
All costs are VAT inclusive.
Disclaimer: Service speeds, if listed, are on a best effort basis. Factors such as coverage, location, building interference, distance from the towers and a number of parallel users may affect service speeds & performance
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