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Teletalk 3g Mayer Hasi prepaid package (NEW)

Teletalk launched an exclusive free Prepaid Package for the mothers of students having stipend in Primary education!

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Features of Teletalk 3G Mayer Hasi Package

- 10 FnF (5 On-net, 5 Off-Net)
- 90 Paisa/Minute (Off-Net) 60 Paisa/Minute (On-Net 8 am-12 am)
- 30 Paisa/Minute (On-Net 12 am-8 am)
- 1 Second Pulse
- /SMS (On-Net)
- 40 Paisa/SMS (Off-Net)

Teletalk 3G Mayer Hasi Package tariff plans and teletalk fnf system

1) voice call : 

Peak (8am - 12am)

to Teletalk numbers: 1paisa/1sec
to other numbers: 1.5paisa/1sec

Off-peak (12am - 8am)

to Teletalk numbers: 0.5paisa/1sec
to other numbers: 1.5paisa/1sec

2) voice 10 FnF call : (24 hours)

to Teletalk numbers: 0.5paisa/1sec
to other numbers: 1paisa/1sec

3) pulse: 1 seconds.

4) video call: (24 hours)

to Teletalk numbers: 0.5paisa/1sec

5) SMS charges:

to Teletalk numbers:  30 Paisa/SMS
to other numbers: 40 Paisa/SMS

** 15% VAT,5% SD & 1% Surcharge applicable

Teletalk 3G Mayer Hasi Package Conditions

- SIM is free of cost for eligible mothers.

- Subscriber will get 20Tk. per month for 01 (one) year.

- Validity of  20Tk. is 10 days.

- Existing Teletalk customers who are eligible for stipend can migrate to this package.

- For migration to teletalk mayer hasi package, write type MH <space> stipend account number and send SMS to 556. (Charge free)

- Migration from Mayer Hasi to other package is NOT allowed.

- Free 20Tk. can be used for any services of Teletalk.

- Pay per use data charge is Tk.0.68/MB

- FnF process : 

For FnF type reg and send sms to 363 for registration.
After successful registration type Add<space> desired number and sms send to 363 (charge free).

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