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Robi-Airtel 0.7 Paisa Sec Call Rate Offer

Robi-Airtel 0.7 Paisa Sec Call Rate Offer! All the Robi Prepaid Customers and Airtel Prepaid Customers are Now Eligible to Enjoy 0.7 Paisa per Sec call Rate 24 Hours in a day to All Robi & Airtel Number. No Hidden Conditions available for Enjoying the 0.7 Paisa Second Call Rate. To Enjoy this Best Call Rate offer in your Robi or Airtel Prepaid Number, Simply Dial *123*25# from your Robi Prepaid Number or from your Airtel Prepaid Number and Enjoy the Selected Call Rate offer until the further Notice comes from Robi & Airtel. We have added the all other Details about this offer in the below which will help you to understand clearly about the concept of Robi Airtel Lowest Call Rate offer which launch in December 2016.


Robi-Airtel 0.7 Paisa Sec Call Rate Offer Details:

Enjoy the below call rate to Your All Robi & Airtel Number by calling from your Robi or Airtel Prepaid Number.
Special Offer
To SubscribeDial *123*25#
Applicable for Robi to Robi, Robi to Airtel0.7 Paisa per Sec (42 Paisa per Min, 1 sec pulse)
Applicable for Robi to Others, Airtel to OthersAccording to customer’s base package rate
ValidityCampaign Period
Usage Time24 hours

Robi-Airtel 0.7 Paisa Sec Call Rate Offer Other Conditions:

  • All Robi Prepaid customers & Airtel Prepaid Customers are eligible for this offer
  • The lowest Call rates will be applicable for all FnF, super FnF and Priyo numbers or Robi & Airtel.
  • Once a Prepaid user opted in for the 0.7 Paisa Sec Call rate, customer will continue to enjoy the rates throughout the campaign period.
  • Other service rates (Like SMS, MMS, Internet etc.) will remain unchanged (as per the existing product proposition) during the campaign period.
  • After the special Call Rate 0.7 Paisa Sec validity period, the previous offer/package  Call Rate will re-apply.
  • 1 second pulse is applicable.
This is the last session of the Robi-Airtel 0.7 Paisa Sec Call Rate Offer where we have included the details information about it.
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